The Skull, Часы HYT’s new extraordinary and unprecedented creation, breaks all the rules. You don’t need to be an expert to appreciate the power of its design. Even at first glance the Skull makes a striking impression: It is provocative, unique and has a bold design supported by the fluid mechanics that have become the brand’s signature style. The Skull speaks for itself. Its development, however, was anything but obvious. infoCafe

Скания Scanias new V8 truck engine and Скания Scania Opticruise a match made in heaven Built for train weights up to 180 metric tonnes, the fully automated Scania Opticruise gearchanging system is a perfect complement to the new Scania... далее>

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The new Скания Scania V8 - Lighter and stronger with less environmental impact Mikael Björkstrand, head of basic engine development at Scania, introduces the details and innovations that continue the great tradition of making... далее>

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The new Скания Scania V8 engine its predecessors and future Björn Westman, head of engine development at Scania, shows and explains the main characteristics of the new Scania V8 engine the worlds most... далее>

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